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“All But True” reading series returns!


My writers group has taken on the wonderful “All But True” reading series and is now curating and hosting it at Mighty Writers West, 3861 Lancaster Ave in Philadelphia (corner of Lancaster and 39th).

Our first evening is this Friday at 7:00 p.m. and features two wonderful writers, Stephanie Feldman and Tom Mendicino. Below is a link to more info. Come on down!




No one said this would be easy!

SLS Kenya – the writing seminar I was planning to attend in Nairobi and Lamu in December – has just informed me they are cancelling the program due to safety and security concerns in Kenya.

The news is quite a blow, since I’ve been reorganizing much of my life in order to make this trip. So…after serious consideration, I have decided to continue with the trip to Kenya on my own.

I am now in the process of figuring out transportation, accommodations, and other arrangements, and I will post details as they get finalized here and on my IndieGoGo site, where you can check my “Updates” section for more details.  You can link to it here.

My plan now is to spend less time in Nairobi, no time in Lamu (where the danger seems to be greatest), more time in Kisumu, and most of the month at Kaimosi Mission, which is actually where I most want to be and where I will have more time for research and writing. I’m now working on arranging someplace to stay in both Nairobi and Kisumu, plus figuring out transportation out to Kaimosi Mission, which is all looking quite promising and I hope to have definite news on that front soon.

Stay tuned…and thanks to all who have expressed such strong support and understanding!

My IndieGoGo “Busara Road” campaign is now LIVE!

David Hallock Sanders

My IndieGoGo campaign, “Busara Road: An African novel and Quaker homecoming,” has launched!

Click HERE  to check it out.

I’m turning to IndieGoGo to help me get to Kenya in December for an international writing seminar and a return to the Quaker mission where I lived as a kid. On my IndieGoGo site you’ll find a video and lots of info about the project, and a bunch of perks you can get if you contribute!  You can also leave me encouraging comments in the “Comments” section. Take a look, and let as many people know about it as you can.

Here’s the YouTube version of the video:



Bushnell’s thoughts on unreliable third-person narration

Interesting comments on narrative voice from J.T. Bushnell in the current issue of Poets and Writers. He stresses that narration can be unreliable in any point of view as long as it’s limited, and gives these guides for pulling off an unreliable third-person narrative voice:

“…you have to know not only who your characters are, but also who they pretend to be, not only what they care about but also what they say they care about, not only what ideas they live by but also how those ideas are false. You have to figure out why your characters are blind, and how they’ve managed to maintain their blindness. And you have to signal these disparities to the reader without revealing them to the character, or straining credibility by making the characters too blind. This creates other dynamics that are necessary in good storytelling, for example, character limitation and unrecognized truth, and moving between the former and the latter helps shape a story’s meaning, or theme.”