1. David, my family lived in Kaimosi from ’65-’68, and my sister and I went to RVA. My youngest brother, Tim, went to school on the mission station and my older brother, Peter, went to Roslyn Academy. I was so happy to see your walking tour down the Kaimosi Road!!
    Emily Vail

    1. Emily, how great to hear from you! I definitely remember you and your family. My brothers Rob and John were also at RVA, and my younger brother, Erin, was at Kaimosi as well. It was very emotional returning to Kaimosi after so long a time away, and an odd mix of feeling that things had both changed enormously and changed very little. I’m so glad you made contact. All my best, David.

  2. Hi David, great to read on this page about the work you are doing at Kaimosi, though I yet know but very little of it. I’m from Kaimosi but I live and work in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. So, mere mention of Kaimosi for good or bad evokes my passions and emotions:) I enjoying literary writing although I haven’t attempted publishing any of my works – short stories, essays, novel. Perhaps I should take inspiration from the successes of the likes of Kahora, Okwiri et al and venture. All the best on your pilgrimage to Kaimosi.

    Arthur Kaane
    (+255) 0 712 442323

    1. Hi Arthur. Thank you for your note! It is always exciting to cross paths with people who also have Kaimosi in their pasts. I think taking inspiration from Kahora and Okwiri is a great idea, they are very inspirational! I hope to get back to Nairobi sometime for Storymoja, I admire what those folks are doing. I wish you the very best in your continuing writing, it is an important thing to do whether or not we publish, but there are also more ways than ever now to put work out into the world. Thanks again for your kind words. All my best,

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