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In Memoriam — Simeon Mwanga

Simeon Mwanga with his grandson, Josphat Lime Jiveti. December, 2011

I learned the sad news this morning that Simeon Mwanga, a man who helped care for my family in Kaimosi, Kenya, back in the mid-sixties, passed away this month at the age of 97.

I had the wonderfully moving opportunity in December to visit with mzee Mwanga at his shamba in Chepsonoi. It was my first time back to Kenya in 45 years, and I was amazed and deeply grateful to see him again and to be able to say thank-you for taking care of me so long ago.

My heart goes out to his entire family, and especially to his grandson, Josphat Lime Jiveti, who so kindly brought us together.