Finding “Busara” at Pendle Hill

David Hallock Sanders
David Hallock Sanders

Click below to see a short piece I wrote recently for Pendle Hill Quaker Center that describes my writing sojourns there. For writers in the Philadelphia area, I recommend that you check out Pendle Hill as a place for a personal writing retreat.


  1. David Hallock Sanders, It is amazing and full of wonders. I am disturbed in my Brains, Mind and Spirit, What triggered you to come up with a Swahili Word “BUSARA” I was raised up at Kaimosi Friends ( Quaker ). I have remembered meeting you at Pendle Hill in 2012. You had something good to tell the Pendle Hillers from Pastors and preaching in meeting houses at home Kaimosi Kenya. Swahili is my language I started speaking before attending school.

    1. How great to hear from you! I do remember that reading at Pendle Hill, and I believe we chatted for a bit, yes? I read a section that included part of a sermon by one of the fictional characters, the Pastor Hesborne Kabaka. “Busara Road” is both the name of my novel and also the name of the dirt road that runs through the Kenyan mission in the novel. I chose the name Busara because it means wisdom and understanding, and the road represents the main character’s path to wisdom and understanding. Although the book is entirely fiction, it was inspired by my own childhood living at Kaimosi, which was one of the great experiences of my lifetime. Thank you for being in touch! All my very best to you. – David

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