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David H Sanders

My IndieGoGo buddies are awesome!

As a first step in fulfilling IndieGoGo perks, I’m posting personal thank-you shout-outs here and at IndieGoGo.com/Busara-Road. Of my 35 wonderful (and did I mention awesome?) funders, eight requested anonymity.

So here’s the honor roll of all you generous souls, in random order:

Janet Filante
Tom Moore
Don Ron
Mark Lyons
Steven Powell
Heidi Lewis
Alison Abdu
Jeanne Barron
David Wells
Priscilla Alvarado
John and Cathy Sanders
Tom Kecskemethy
Joe Canuso
Michael and Pam Sanders
Erin Sanders
Justin Sanders
Rob Sanders
Louis Greenstein
Denise Larrabee
Ann de Forest
Lucy Erdelac
Robert D’Zuro and Kate Sullivan
Douglas Gordon
Debra Schiff
Leslie Robinson
Carol & Jake Peterson

Anonymous (8)

(If I got anyone’s name wrong, or missed anyone, please let me know so I can fix it.)

 Thank you, all!


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